Corporate Social Responsibility

The team of IAM GOURMET makes sure that every event is accompanied by delicious food and prepares excellent dishes for you and your guests. It is certain that you will not want for anything. But what about leftover food?

IAM GOURMET is very sensitive to the issue of social solidarity. We want to contribute to society as a whole and support vulnerable social groups from where we stand.

In the context of the Corporate Social Responsibility of our company, we cooperate with the non-profit organization "Boroume", which aims to reduce food waste and combat malnutrition in Greece.

This way, we offer the extra portions of quality food to our fellow human beings who experience food insecurity, supporting the work of "Boroume", so that no food goes to waste.

Catering Services
58 Rodou str, 144 52
Metamorfosi, Athens
Attica, Greece
T. +30 213 032 5999

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