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Wedding Catering

Fairytale wedding menu

Wedding Menu
Your wedding day is close and you want everything to be perfect. The team of IAM GOURMET will take care of every little detail of your wedding reception menu and offer a unique gastronomic experience that will appease even the most demanding of palates.

Wedding Menu - Delightful buffet, personal service

We create the most wonderful dishes with lots of love and care, always using excellent ingredients and creative techniques that take the flavors to the next level.

You choose the menu and we put in all our expertise to provide you with the most enjoyable buffet and impeccable personal service at your wedding reception. You can also create your own menu, combining dishes to suit your tastes.

Our delicious catering suggestions for weddings are innumerable and carry the fresh air of the modern international cuisine, but also the intimacy of classic flavors. This way, there are always options that cater to all tastes.

And when the palette of flavors is complete with refreshing drinks and cocktail favorites from our organized cocktail bar, the end result will remain unforgettable.

We can also provide wedding catering in the venue of your choice or the reception hall/estate you have opted for. Whatever you choose, the menu of your wedding reception is in the most capable hands.

Create your own menu, choosing the flavors you prefer