• Private Event Catering

Private Event Catering

Take your guests on a culinary journey...

Private Event
You are “citizens of the world", either having traveled a lot, or always looking for something special and authentic. Now, you want the same for your guests! You want to welcome them during a gathering and lead them, through your hospitality, to a special gastronomic experience.

Specialized event menu - Party Catering

This is where we come in... To help you, for your friends and family, to hear what your culinary "needs" are, so that we can suggest and design the menu that suits you, highlighting it in the best and most imaginative way.

The handpicked team of associates and chefs that surround us at IAM GOURMET are experts at creating a specialized menu for any private event or party. The philosophy that we share is to provide high quality catering services, having accumulated experience in creating a variety of delicious suggestions that stand out both for their special features and for their execution with an attention to detail.

This way, you will not only enjoy the company of your guests, but also offer them a wonderful, tasty journey!

Create your own menu, choosing the flavors you prefer

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