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  • Catering at your space

Catering at your space

The flavors that speak to you, wherever you prefer!

Catering at your home or business
Another special moment! A day of celebration or just a need to try something special at your place! Choose the space that represents and expresses you, whether this is your professional space or even your home! What about the flavors that will accompany you? You definitely want them to be like you, special and perfected to the last detail.

Catering at your home or business

We know that catering in your preferred venue is unique and, with this in mind, IAM GOURMET stands firmly beside you, with discretion and absolute professionalism. We created the new home delivery - drop-off service for such cases (catering at home or at your selected space).

By selecting the "Create your own menu" service or, alternatively, by contacting us, we will prepare the menu you want, from the first steps to the final touches, we will arrange the delivery of the dishes and all the relevant equipment, and your only responsibility will be to have a good time.

With your guidance on the details of the delivery, we will gladly help you in anything related and offer a wide range of menu options that can satisfy not only the most demanding customers, but also meet special dietary needs. We also specialize in foreign cuisines and we make sure that the execution of the menus highlights them, with the sole aim of your personal enjoyment.

Would you be hard-pressed to believe that such special catering flavors can be prepared and reach you in a more simple and easy way, but with the same quality standards? And, most importantly, without needing the presence of service staff at your place! IAM GOURMET home delivery - drop-off catering exists and you can enjoy it at any given moment!

Create your own menu, choosing the flavors you prefer