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Corporate Staff Catering

Business and... culinary pleasure!

Your staff is the driving force of your business. When you want to feed your employees, you naturally look for catering services with special quality standards.

Whether you need catering services on an occasional or more permanent basis, the team of IAM GOURMET is here to offer you delicious flavors through interesting and, at the same time, nutritionally balanced menus.

We have many years of experience in providing catering services and this can be confirmed by our existing customers who trust us and enjoy our services, such as business groups, private organizations, companies in the banking industry, but also staff catering companies.

We remain at your disposal, in order to listen to your needs and use them as a basis for our suggestions drawing from both Greek and ethnic cuisines, for which we are renowned and preferred by many.

We also adequately cover food menus for special dietary needs, such as vegetarian menus or low fat menus.

Create your own menu, choosing the flavors you prefer