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Bar & Cocktail Catering

Let’s drink to indulgence!

Bar & Cocktail
Catering is not just about food. The selection and creation of the drinks and cocktails of your event is equally important, as well as the provision of a catering service with the right, relevant presentation and mood.

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The team of IAM GOURMET will muster its unmatched professionalism and unique skill to create delightful, refreshing drinks. We want you to tell us what you like, but also be prepared for the suggestions of our specialized associates, both for classic drinks and for unexpected combinations. In any case, the level of our services remains high, always adapted to your personal requirements.

A crucial advantage of ours is the deep knowledge of food & drink pairing, i.e. the design of the most appropriate combination of food and drinks. Do not hesitate to discuss it with us, since our philosophy is that our customers should not just taste a dish accompanied by a drink, but have a superior culinary experience through an upgraded bar catering service.

Let us take care of everything and your only obligation will be to enjoy every taste. You will see for yourselves that the bar & cocktail catering experience with IAM GOURMET’s signature will be the cause for many smiles and toasts!

We can also provide wedding catering in the venue of your choice or the reception hall/estate you have opted for. Whatever you choose, the menu of your wedding reception is in the most capable hands.

Create your own menu, choosing the flavors you prefer