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Christening Catering

“Enlightened”, inspired taste!

You are christening your little angel! On this special day, you want everything to be unforgettable. And so it shall be! The decoration, the flowers, every little detail! The menu of the day of the christening will give a wonderful, tasty touch, based on your personal tastes and the experience of the team of IAM GOURMET.

Creating a christening menu - Service

We can provide a variety of suggestions for refined flavors that can be adapted to what you have in mind. Just leave the dining experience of your guests entirely on us - it will bear the signature of superior quality and authenticity, but at the same time it will have your personal touch, as it will have been formed based on your own guidance.

Our specialized associates and chefs undertake the creation of the menu, the christening catering, as well as the entire service and presentation, such as the christening buffet or whatever other form suits you best.

Our creations can also cover special dietary needs and we can suggest many additional dishes (vegetarian, low fat, etc.).

Experience the beauty in the moments of your child's christening like you deserve, full of joy, but also satisfied that you have chosen to give your guests a special taste of celebration, the festive taste of "IAM GOURMET"!

Create your own menu, choosing the flavors you prefer