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IAM (Iakovos and Michalis) GOURMET

Our Philosophy

Food is always a great opportunity to come closer, connect, celebrate, rejoice, relax. And our goal is to make this experience as enjoyable as possible for our customers.

That is why we create our dishes with high quality ingredients. We prioritize excellent food management and we use state-of-the-art equipment for all the preparations and serving. We are constantly monitoring the developments in the field of gastronomy, in order to apply them to all of the creations that you will savor.

Our Experience

Equipped with the culmination of 30 years of experience in the field of gastronomy and carrying the guarantee of the innumerable successes in his career, Iakovos Papadogiannakis founded his own company in February 2014. One of the catering companies with high quality services. He has his son, Michalis, at his side, with whom they share the same ideals and the same culinary values apart from their family ties.

Thus, in collaboration with a group of renowned professionals in the field of gastronomy and event organization, IAM (Iakovos and Michalis) was born.

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Our Team

The backbone of IAM GOURMET is our team. Behind every event, social or professional, lies an experienced, energetic and close-knit team of professionals who are in perfect sync and take care of every little detail, from designing the menu and creating the dishes, to setting up the buffet and service, turning every event into a unique experience.
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58 Rodou str, 144 52
Metamorfosi, Athens
Attica, Greece
T. +30 213 032 5999

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